Imagine being a member of a club whereby you have the right to be able to regularly play golf on best courses around Ireland without having to worry about high green fees. To have a sort of membership extension that provides you with both great rates and any day access to the best courses in Ireland.

The founders of LGCI are two long-time friends. One from France, a Mr. Bernard Bour and the other from Ireland, a Dr. Patrick Prendergast. They regularly met for golf trips around Europe and decided that a golf club model, successful in other European countries for over 20 years, whereby members could play across multiple courses under a single membership, should be setup in Ireland, a Country where golf is a flourishing sport and pastime.

After an early April launch in 2016, the team at Le Grand Club Ireland can now offer what has been asked. A club that offers unrivaled value for gaining playing access to many of the best courses in Ireland.

We at Le Grand Club Ireland have held some amazing amateur golf competitions in 2017 and are even more excited for the competitions we have in store for 2018. We will also be announcing many more clubs over the coming weeks and months, eventually leading within 2 years to a club made up of circa 30 clubs based all around the Country.

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