The philosophy in developing the Smurfit course was to ensure that a comparison with the existing Ryder Cup course would be difficult and that the golfer’s experience would be completely different.

When this brief was given to the Palmer Course Design Company, they came up with a concept, which was radical with regards to golf course developments throughout the World.

An Inland Golf Links

The best way to describe the Smurfit course at The K Club is that of an inland links. However, its true attributes do not stop there. The course has many dramatic landscapes with dune type mounding throughout. This assists in making the course into a true championship golf course with many vantage points for spectators to view golf professionals at work.

LGCI Partner Course - The K Club - Smurfit-ClubhouseIn essence, the Smurfit course is entirely different from the Ryder Cup course located just across the river liffey. From feedback to date golfers state that it is almost impossible to make a comparison such is the difference in experience.

Even with regard to the landscaping, there is a significant difference, whereby on the Ryder Cup course there are specifically planted areas using cultivated plants presented in a formal fashion are the norm. On the Smurfit course wild species of plants have been used such as gorse, bracken etc. and have been planted in a highly random fashion, more or less as nature would have intended.

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Golf Course Facilities

  • Course Type: ,
  • Number of courses: 1
  • Buggies: Yes
  • Caddies: Yes
  • Driving Range: Yes
  • Towels: Yes

Bar & Restaurant Details

  • Restaurant Opening Hours: 08:00-22:00
  • Bar Opening Hours: 08:00-22:00

Other Facilities

  • Hotel Name: The K Club
  • Hotel Number: +353 (0)1 601 7200
  • Spa: Yes
  • Pool: Yes