Do you have a recurring New Year’s resolution to play more golf too?

New Year's Resolution - PLAY MORE GOLF

How many of us start the new year with an inner resolution to play more golf, get to the Masters and realise that we have failed, again?

Is it that we do not have time to play? Is it that it is too cold? Is it that there is not enough light in the day?

Could it be that playing the same course over and over is just not inviting enough? We do all strive to play competitively on the best courses throughout the summer, don’t we?

What if our golf membership, whose renewal payment bells are now beginning to ring in our ears after an expensive Christmas break, was to excite us enough to find the time to play now?

What if our golf membership could afford us the golfing freedom to play a much greater choice of courses, now, even when daylight and the weather limit our options? (Pause for the sales pitch….)

YOU CAN choose to play on golf courses that are not weather trodden.

YOU WILL match and better your handicap by early summer.

YOU SHOULD get excited to renew your golf membership!

Happy New Year,

From Le Grand Club Ireland

“A golf membership for many championship courses”