Play free golf across many of the best championship courses in Ireland using a single membership card.

Le Grand Club Ireland - Dublin Partner Courses

Le Grand Club Ireland - Mid-Ireland Partner Courses

Benefits of the Golfing Freedom membership:

  • The Golfing Freedom Membership entitles holders to play free rounds of golf, any time, any day of the week, on all partner courses marked with a ‘Golfing Freedom’ icon.
  • Members will also receive free entry into the Amateur Golf World Cup, and
  • Receive up to 50% off green fees at over 700 courses around the world, including courses in the UK, the USA, Spain, Portugal, Australia, China, France, Switzerland, Morocco, Mauritius & many more Countries across the globe.

How Le Grand Club Ireland chooses a partner course:

Le Grand Club Ireland - West of Ireland Partner Courses

  • Courses must be included on published lists of the top golf courses in Ireland, mainly the Golf Digest Top 100 Courses in Ireland.
  • All partner clubs must also have impeccable and complete golfing facilities available, so that Buggies, Caddies, Practice Areas, & Golf Professional Services are available to all of our members at all locations.
  • Le Grand Club Ireland also choose courses which include the very best hospitality, spa and leisure facilities with examples including Powerscourt located near Dublin and Slieve Russell located near Northern Ireland.

Member’s Rules:

  • Le Grand Club Ireland expects members to be both conscious and abiding of the rules of golf set out by the R&A (, CONGU ( and the Golfing Union of Ireland (
  • In addition to the rules of golf as mentioned above, Le Grand Club Ireland members must also comply with Le Grand Club Ireland code of conduct rules and any additional rules of partner golf clubs, including dress code and etiquette.

Membership Applications:

  • Membership can be acquired directly via our website, however these memberships are subject to approval from the Le Grand Club Ireland Management Committee.
  • Activation of memberships will usually occur with 10 days from the time of purchase.
  • All new members will be subjected to GUI and Home Club background checks.
  • All new members are subject to a 90 day trial period, during which membership can be revoked by Le Grand Club Ireland without reason.