LGCI is a Club for golfers who would rather play with freedom regularly across a selection of the best golf courses in Ireland rather than the same course over and over and over again.

Benefits to LGCI Members:

  • Unlimited rounds of golf, any time, any day of the week (subject to availability)
    • Max 20 Rounds at Powerscourt,
    • Unlimited Rounds at all other Courses
  • Have access to regular weekly competitions at a member’s nominated Home Club.
  • Have a GUI Handicap allocated and maintained by the member’s nominated Home Club.
  • Have access to LGCI tournaments and leagues held across many different courses.
  • Will have access to Golf Courses around Paris and the rest of France and Europe.
  • Be able to partake in Foreign Golf Events organised by LGCI in places like Morocco, France, Spain & Portugal.
  • Be part of a top level and enthusiastic golfing network, providing with a unique social and commercial networking opportunity due to the focus on corporate golf in Ireland.

Chosen Courses:

  • Must be included on published lists of the top golf courses in Ireland. Sources include: Destination Golf Top 150 Courses in Ireland, Golf Digest Top 100 Courses in Ireland and the independent golf course ranking website www.top100golfcourses.co.uk.
  • Must have full golf facilities available, including: Buggies, Caddies, Practice Areas, Golf Professional Services and associated Hotels with Leisure Centers when possible.

Member’s Rules:

  • Le Grand Club Ireland prides itself on its members being proud and conscious of the rules of golf set out by the R&A (http://www.randa.org/), CONGU (http://www.congu.com)and the Golfing Union of Ireland (http://www.gui.ie/). Members are bound by the rules of these organizations as well as some additional internal LGCI rules. Full details of LGCI rules are provided along with a full LGCI Membership Contract, after a membership application has been made online.
  • In addition to this LGCI members must also comply to any additional rules of affiliated golf courses, including dress code and etiquette.

Membership Applications:

  • Applicants to LGCI membership who apply and pay online will be provided access to LGCI golf courses in a timely fashion. Once a membership application and payment is received a full LGCI membership contract will be sent electronically to applicants. Once returned, along with a valid GUI handicap certificate, LGCI will usually reply within 10 working days with the result of an application.
  • Home Club membership is subject to the local approval process of the nominated Home Club. Subject to local Home Club committee approval, there can be a waiting period of up to one month before Home Club memberships are confirmed and ratified.